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By establishment of this "Links" section in our web site, Diamond Access hopes to promote the web sites of its affiliated companies along with the web sites of the organizations that are involved in various humanitarian efforts to improve the quality of life in Africa. If you would like to recommend a web site to be included, then please Contact Us.

Please visit these web sites by clicking on the SITE LINK provided below:

Titanium Metal Supply
Surplus Titanium
Find a large inventory of surplus titanium at Titanium Metal Supply, Inc.

UMG Foundation
Affiliate of Diamond Access

UMG Foundation (UMGF) is a Delaware registered non-profit organization formed by United Metals Group and Guinea Telecom Group to undertake humanitarian infrastructure project development initiatives in West Africa and the Caribbean regions.

Poetry On Canvas
Affiliate of Diamond Access

The Poetry-on-Canvas cultural exhibition/festivity enterprise was created by United Metals Group (UMG), Guinea Telecom Group (GTG) and UMG Foundation staff. All are co-sponsors of PoC, which was formed to create culturally economic sources of revenues to support poverty-reduction via humanitarian work in West Africa and Caribbean countries where UMG has extensive commercial assets and business operations.




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