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Available Specifications
Diamonds Their timeless elegance never goes out of style Rough Diamonds Color: D, E, F, G, H & I; Clarity: FL, VVS, VS & SI;
Rough Gem specs: 5–10, 11–20, 21–40, 41–60, 61–80, 81+ Carats;
Rough Commercial Quality Stones: 1 – 4 Carats;
Countries of origin: Guinea, Sierra Leone, Congo, Angola, Liberia, etc.
Gold Man's ultimate store of value since the dawn of time, inspiring universal attachment Native Gold Form: Gold dust, gold nuggets;
Countries of origin: Guinea, Sierra Leone, Congo, Angola, Mali, Liberia, Mozambique, etc.
Semi-Precious Stones Semi-Precious stones add more color and variety. Semi-Precious

Semi-Precious products include: Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby, Garnet, Topaz, Jade, Spessartite, Aquamarine, MVC, etc.;
Countries of origin: Guinea, Cote d’Ivoire, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Congo, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Senegal, Ghana, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Benin, Niger, etc.

Copper It may have some substitutes, but demand remains insatiable Native Copper  
Nickel A key alloy metal used accross the gamut of engineering industries Nickel Arsenide  
Titanium Another key alloy metal used in aerospace, paint, and jewelry Rutile (Titanium Oxide)  
Chromium Used as a catalyst and for making stainless steel, pigments, and more Chromite (Iron Chromium Oxide)  

By means of its Artisan Mining Network consisting of thousands of operations that are owned by artisan miners in the interior of Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Congo in West Africa, Diamond Access (DA) is able to provide small, but steady supplies of precious and semi-precious mineral products (stones or metals) to interested wholesale buyers at very competitive prices. Available wholesale mineral products include diamonds, emerald, jade, spessartite, aquamarine, ruby, sapphire stones, native gold (nuggets and dust), native copper, nickel arsenide (nickel), rutile (titanium oxide), iron ore, and chromite (iron chromium oxide). Please contact DA to determine availability for additional mineral products not listed.

DA Facilitation Services:

DA is positioned as a neutral corporate buy/sell facilitator of portions of African artisan miners’ monthly supplies of precious/ semi-precious stones/metals, permitting cumulative monthly access of all such supplies to interested buyers at extremely competitive wholesale prices. DA acts only as a facilitator of any such buy/sell transaction between the product sellers and the prospective buyers. We secure photos and buy samples of the available products from village miners in the bush and thereafter make all such samples available for potential buyers to evaluate and test for authenticity, establish legal Kimberly process certification in regards to diamonds and make purchasing or rejection decisions, accordingly.

DA's current product supply facilitation system is estimated to involve 2000 artisan miners in the bush in 17 countries in Africa. This diverse range of artisan miners is known over the years to be capable of supplying constant quantities of small amounts of a wide range of precious/semi-precious stones/metals. And these various products, cumulatively will amount to sustainably large monthly diversified supply quantities that will be offered by the miners will be at competitive prices to potential buyers by DA to encourage consistency in income for same collective small-time miners.

Product Buyer Facilitation:

This project involves hundreds of artesian miners in the bush of many African countries. To save buyers time with product purchases and for security reasons when traveling to product country of origin, DA is making efforts to have miners organized collectively into group and to bring the selected products (with legal ownership proof or Kimberly process documents) chosen from photos and samples by prospective buyers, to safety deposit boxes for safekeeping in the country of product origin. This allows buyers’ representatives to make physical inspection and purchase of the products accumulated at the bank. Albeit this approach may be modified as new conditions evolve in the future; but that's how it's being organized to work presently.

Guinea Artisan Production:

The last available official production figure recorded on a percentage of artesian gold production being sold to the government treasury that was mined on leased government lands in Guinea was 1M Carat of diamonds; and 855 kg/27,454 ounces of gold annually. But it’s estimated that underground production quantity is about threefold of those amounts. Reliable gold production quantities being mined by artisan miners in other African countries are sketchy at best because there are no reliable official records.

Buyer Product Access:

Through the auspices of United Metal Group, DA has established a presence in Guinea and shall secure and pay for adequate product safekeeping boxes in banks in Guinea, in the interest of its registered artesian miners in the bush by offering them product security and payments at banks. It shall likewise establish similar facilities for artisan miners in Liberia, Sierra Leon and Congo in 2009. In so doing, DA is also providing potential buyers, available and sustainable quantities of a wide range of precious/semi-precious stones/metals in the security of a bank.

Buyer Instructions & Obligations:

After photos and physical samples of the various available products are made available to prospective buyers for testing, validation and/or selection, bank “proof of funds” documents must be forthcoming to DA to support and cover the agreed cost of the selected precious/semi-precious product(s) required that are stored in safekeeping in the bank. Buyers or buyer’s Reps are thereafter required to travel on their own expense to the designated bank, either in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Congo, etc., where the products are available and stored for examination, testing, selection and purchase.

DA Income Structure:

After DA receives firm buying price confirmation from the “buyers of record” and their “bank proof of funds” documents for the offered products, and after DA, as the facilitator of the transactions, secures from same buyers, an agreement covering a percentage of the agreed margin it facilitates and allows to be realized between the selling and buying prices, the transaction paperwork process shall be completed directly between the product sellers (or their agents) and the buyers. Any agreed sales price of any category of the products offered for sale, through DA, must be predicated on and accompanied by “bank proof of funds” document in advance to satisfy suppliers’ requirements; and on the buyers’ side, to limit brokers’ interferences with the suppliers’ offered wholesale price structures to “buyers of record” and misrepresenting the transactions in general.

Current Product Purchasing Procedures: Please follow this web link for additional information.


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